Visiting Knecht Orthodontics

At Knecht Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on the fact that we do things a bit differently when compared to most orthodontic providers that you may have experience with in the past. We believe that this is not only important - but it is also immediately evident from the moment you walk through the door.

First, you should know that your initial visit is totally complimentary, and you won't receive a bill in any way, shape or form. Dr. Knecht and her team want everyone to be able to enjoy going to the orthodontist to improve their smile without spending time worrying about how they're going to pay for it.

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What To Expect At Your First Visit

Your initial visit will also be an excellent opportunity to not only get to know Dr. Knecht, but also her staff as well. Likewise, you'll get a chance to get a better feel for the office itself and the positive, supportive and inclusive culture that all involved have worked so hard to create. More than anything, it's a way to make sure that Knecht Orthodontics is the type of place that you can actually see yourself receiving treatment from in a long-term capacity.

But that initial visit will be filled with more than just pleasantries - you'll also receive a comprehensive exam complete with taking a Pano, photographs and more. Dr. Knecht will also use this as an opportunity to learn as much about your previous health history as possible, giving her the most complete information to work from in terms of potential treatment options moving forward.

Additionally, same-day treatment is often available for patients who are ready to start their journey to a better smile. We know your time is valuable and to honor that, we want you to have the flexibility to start treatment at your earliest convenience.

For the entirety of her career, Dr. Knecht has always believed that one of the most important things she can do when developing a new relationship with a patient is to listen. Because of that, during your first visit, she will take the time to address any and all concerns that you may have. You can discuss your long-term goals for treatment and concerns that you've had with other dental care providers in the past.

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The Knecht Orthodontics Approach

Once you have gone through the initial exam and Dr. Knecht and her team have gone over everything in great detail, she will go over all viable treatment options with you. Obviously, this will vary depending on the issues you face and how difficult they might be to address, but she will answer all of your questions and make sure that you understand everything to make a better and more informed choice with your health.

Oftentimes, photos, video simulations, and other materials will be available to show you not only what treatment will involve, but what the end result will look like based on past situations that were similar to your own. Same-day treatment options are even available in certain situations.

Once treatment options have been established, Dr. Knecht will also be able to go over not only an estimated timeline but also any payment options that you might like to pursue as well. In-house financing is available with no interest, and Knecht Orthodontics also accepts all major credit cards among other forms of payment. There is possibly an option available to go through your insurance company as well.

If you would like to find out more information about what to expect from your first visit to Knecht Orthodontics, or if you have any additional questions you would like to go over in a bit more detail, please do not hesitate to contact us today.